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‘As the founder of Alker Media, Anthony has always had a passion for the entertainment industry and with a determination to get things right knew he was destined to have his own business.  With a wide range of interests across media he studied Television and Radio Production at (name of) University and discovered that his real passion lay behind the camera and microphone.


Whilst Anthony has spent some time presenting both on screen and the airwaves he is most at home making other people look good. (I would add a little bit here giving more detail about your experience filming/recording and post production and of course other techy stuff that I have no idea about!).


Anthony’s love of country music, which he acquired whilst working in the USA (not sure whether the work you did there is relevant to the media but if it was mention it!) means he spends a lot of time filming and recording live music which brings many challenges (add something here about your skills of staying out of the way and making the music sounds as good as it possibly can etc etc and how you rise to meet those challenges).’

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